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Become a reseller with Crypto Investment Club's Reseller program

 We at Crypto Investment Club Corp. (CIC) believe, When our members grow, we grow

So we have created the referral/reseller programs. 

 Any member of CIC can refer members to the club and can receive special membership privileges and/or rewards.

 We have 3 different membership programs at CIC and we offer variety of courses under CIC's teaching and training branch.       

 CIC is also collaborating with young minds who are looking to grow in the field of cryptocurrency investment, block-chain  understanding, crypto-mining and several other area. (to know more, write to us at

     We at CIC offer a Reseller and Referral program for our esteemed members.

       Referral Program: Any member with an investment account may benefit from our Referral Program, refer your friends and family to receive a one time bonus in the form of digital Coins for every referral, based on the level of membership they choose.

       Reseller Program: A Pro member can benefit from our Referral Program or apply to become a reseller. To know more about the benefits of our reseller program, Apply to join, upon approval all bonuses and specials will be available.

Note: The type benefits as well as the number of coins and even the coin is subject to change.  We will always attempt to maintain the value.  Specials or bonus offers may be added from time to time on a campaign basis.

**Risk Acknowledgement**: As with any investment the returns are not guaranteed in fact, the principle is not guaranteed either. Do not invest what you can not afford to lose! Invest with intelligence and caution. As with any market, there has been fraud, failures and scams. This and any club communication is not advice and is for informational use only. To prompt you to do your own research and make your own decisions!